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The Painting Info Emporium™

The Space To Find Painting Project Solutions!
A Division of Decor By Paul
In this website, you will find the Painting Project specific Tool & Material sets you will want to get before you start your Painting Project. But, going to the store presents us with Too Many Choices!

What Painting Tools should you buy? What kind of Primer or other Painting Materials should you use? What Size Putty/Plaster Knives should you buy?

So, what you will find here are the tools and materials that I use, to produce Great Results in my work for many years.

Based on the work you are planning, we will figure out what Painting Tools and also what Painting Materials might be good for you to use.

As you can imagine,  this is a continuously growing Catalog.  You will want to Favorite This Space!  If your present Painting Tool Set is not yet here, please tell me a bit about your plan. I will endeavor to see what I can do to help you go in the right direction. So, I will be able to recommend the necessary Painting Tools and Painting Materials you may need to accomplish your Painting Project. Fewer trips to the store is definitely better! :-) 
Questions? Email Me:  OPSS@DecorByPaul.com

 New Products

The Outlet Plastering Safety Shield  By Decor By Paul
After many years in the field, we created this plastering guide tool that helps me to do a safe and quick solid repair. As a Professional, this gave me a way to create a much better result for my clients.

As I develop this site, you will find
recommended sets of tools that I 
would use for the project. I will also
list the products I would use, were I
doing the work. So, please do favorite
this space.
Coming Soon - "Insta-Wall"  - The Best Solution for Patching Walls!