The Fireplace in Elgin

These Clients, had a Fireplace in their Chicago Condo that they really liked and were unable to find someone to duplicate in their new home in Elgin.

We met at Thybony Paints & Wall Paper in Andersonville, while I was working on the Thybony Display. Robert mentioned their dilemma and I decided this might be another "Great Challenge". When I saw the existing Fireplace, I knew that I was up for it. While I would have to make some special tools to accomplish the finish to be applied, I didn't see any problem with bringing their Vision to fruition.

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And so began The Fireplace Project in Elgin...,

No Fireplace Yet! Fire Box "roughed in" by Fireplace Co.. Fire Box "roughed in" by Fireplace Co..
Now, the drywall. And, more drywall. Begin taping.
More taping. Now, The Finish. More Finish.
Corduroy Finish Detail Right side.
You can go to the View button in your tool bar and zoom in to see the detail.

Fireplace Complete
Now, we just have to load it up with stuff and start the fire!

Courduroy Finish Detail Front Shelf.
You can go to the View button in your tool bar and zoom in to see the detail.

This Project turned out to be one of the more satisfying projects to date. I think because others said it couldn't be done. Also, being an inventor, I never believe that something can't be done. We just have to figure it out.

The bottom half has the "Corduroy Finish" while the upper portion is a smooth surface. We did incorporated a very strong mounting point for the Mirror.

Of course, The Clients are very pleased with the look of their New Fireplace and we're told that the Fireplace provides Great warmth on chilly nights.

Fireplace at Christmas. Fireplace at Christmas.
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