Dayton Project

This "style" is what I call 1960s Municipal. No Detail. No Character. And nothing spent on appearance. It was not pleasing to the eye to walk up to this building. And, obviously in need of help! The Gray Block & Cement Look Had To Go!
Here we used a "Texston" cement based material to mimic the actual red brick with natural mortar. THIS IS NOT PAINT! Then we painted the deck and trim with "Muralo" exterior paint products.

This Project started with an entry walk up that was just not fun to look at. In fact, I would say that it was embarrassing. The Gray Block and concrete not only were an "eye sore", it also had a negative impact on the value of the Townhouses.

Now with Gray Block resurfaced with "Texston" "Terra" resurfacing cement, not only does it look so much better, the Value also increased significantly. Of course repainting helped,too.

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